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Bike and Pedestrian

Letters, testimony, and even a local bumper sticker campaign worked to add a pedestrian/bicycle component into the bridge design. The latest design plans include a 12 foot bicycle and pedestrian lane to be constructed along the ocean-side of the new bridge from Morrison Drive to Coleman Boulevard. The bicycle/pedestrian lane travels along the outer edge of the bridge's tower piers and offers observation sites with benches to gaze out upon the beauty of the Charleston

The bicycle and pedestrian lane is 2.7 miles long (14,400 feet), measuring from Patriots Point Road to East Bay Street. Measuring only the part that is on the bridge structure, the walkway is 2.4 miles long (12,750 feet).

Most of the bridge is limited to a 4.1% maximum slope. On the Charleston side of the main span, the long approach is a 1.8% slope. On the Mount Pleasant side, there is a section three tenths of a mile long that has a 5.6% slope."

Rendering of the New Bridge's Bike and Pedestrain Lane